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Whether old or new, fantastic and reliable, healthier choice products will be showcased here along with the useful information you need in order to do the research and make an informed decision before you make the purchase.

Item of the week, 07.30.18: Gut Support

Could it be this simple: happy gut, happy life?  Perhaps, but for sure, if the gut isn’t functioning right, the whole body, and mind will suffer too.


Need a place to start?  Take a look at this blog:   Need to FIX Your Gut?

Be sure to check out our Gut Support page for more helpful* information and products.

Item of the week, 06.27.18: Sunscreen

It’s summer, and that means it’s time to get out and enjoy the sun!  Of course you’re going to wear sunscreen, and while the SPF matters, the ingredients matter too, for your health, and for the health of the environment.  Visit our new Sunscreen page for healthier solar protection options.

sea sunny person beach

Item of the week, 06.20.18: Earthing Equipment

If you read the Earthing post, you already know some of the benefits of earthing.  If not be sure to check it out and then visit our Earthing page and pick up exactly what you need to get started.  In the long run, isn’t better health* and well-being worth the effort and a few bucks?

person gather hand and foot in center

Item of the week, 06.13.18: FREE Steak!

If you’re a carnivore and enjoy the meats, summer is your time for grillin’.  And what tastes better than a free steak?  Nothing.  Click below to find out how to get your free steak before they’re gone!

eMeals Free Trial

Want more of the best meat money can buy?  Take a look at our High-Quality Beef, Poultry, and Seafood page and get it shipped directly to your front door!

Item of the week, 06.05.18: OASAP Women’s Fashion

OASAP Women's Fashion

Wait…  Why is women’s fashion featured on a martial arts and fitness site?  Because when you take charge of your life by eating right, workout out, getting enough sleep, drinking enough clean water, and choosing healthier options, you’ll not only feel great, you’ll want to look great!  What better way to look great than by choosing fantastic, yet affordable clothing from OASAP?

Click and browse around; I think you’ll be pleased!

Item of the week, 05.17.18 – 05.30-18: Healthy Weight Loss!

blue tape measuring on clear glass square weighing scale

Are you ready to reach your fitness, health, and weight goals?  Let’s get started today!

Item of the week, 05.09.18: Vega Plant-Based Nutrition

Vega - Plant based nutrition

You don’t have to be vegan, or vegetarian, or even an athlete to enjoy what Vega has to offer!  Clean, plant-based protein and superfoods will do anybody’s body good.  Find out more by clicking their logo to go right to their homepage, or the text link above to view a few selected products.


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