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In Praise of Sensei Eric Banks’ REM (Restorative Energetic Movement Courses)

“To properly commend Sensei Banks, please let me establish my own “credentials.” I began Shotokan Karate practice in November 1961 at what is now California State University, Long Beach aka “LB State.” I have known and practiced under some of the greatest of ALL Shotokan Karateka (someone who practices Karate) to include Ohshima Sensei, Nishiyama Sensei, Honda Sensei, Sensei Ray Dalke and the GREAT Sensei Caylor Adkins. All of those years I studied Shotokan and other Martial Arts as if they were part of Graduate School at a great University. I began Yang Tajiquan practice roughly 18 years ago

Sensei Eric Banks ranks with them as a person and Sensei – a much deeper meaning than teacher. Sensei Banks’ attention is focused on the improvement and knowledge of the student/practitioner rather than displaying his own expertise. He is attentive, thoughtful and communicates extremely well with EACH and every student be they adult or child. I have witnessed Sensei Banks’ patience with children whose attention span is at best not long. With adults, Sensei Banks is equally patient ensuring each person is progressing.

Sensei Banks’ help was invaluable during my recovery from a very serious knee operation. His program was instrumental is my arduous recovery. Suffice it to say that recovery would have been less had not Sensei Banks’ class intervened. In fact, in his REM class Sensei Banks demonstrated various techniques I only read about such as Yi Jin Jing. Without his help, I would not have experienced that type of very valuable technique.

In summary, I recommend Sensei Eric Banks’ classes with absolutely no qualms or hesitation whatsoever to develop and maintain good health. Those who participate will have great benefit from his instruction.”

–D. Takade, Ph.D.

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