Breaking Boards

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Single break and re-breakable boards are a great way to test one’s mental and physical focus and to boost student confidence.

Wood Breaking Boards – 8 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm:

Wooden Breakable Boards – 1″ Thick – 10 Pack:

Wooden Breakable Boards – 1/2″ Thick – 6″ x 12″:

Wood Breaking Boards  – 1/2″ Thick (14mm) – 12″x12″ – 5 Pack – Paulownia Solid Wood:

Wood Breaking Boards  – 1/2″ Thick (14mm) – 12″x12″ – 10 Pack – Paulownia Solid Wood:

Breaking Boards Bundle:

Paulownia Wood Breakable Board – 15 Pack:

ProForce Rebreakable Boards:

Ace Martial Arts Supply Martial Arts  Rebreakable Board Set:

GTMA Rebreakable Boards:

Tiger Claw Rebreakable Board:

TMAS Set of Rebreakable Boards:

UMAB Rebreakable Board:

TMAS Rebreakable Board (Single):

Revgear Deluxe Re-Breakable Board:

Curved Plastic Rebreakable Board:

Gorilla Board Holder & 7 Boards:

The BolderX Board Holder for Breaking Boards:


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