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When developing this section, my first thought was to divide it by arts and styles, but I firmly believe that a true martial artist can learn valuable lessons from other arts. So, please browse this small list of great books and DVDs from various arts. New items will be added often. Additional suggestions or rare finds that you’d recommend? I’m open, so please let me know.

Be sure to also take a look at the books in the General Fitness Books and DVDs section.


Fight Like a Physicist: The Incredible Science Behind Martial Arts (Martial Science):

The Art of Peace: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido:

Speed Training for Combat, Boxing, Martial Arts, and MMA: How to Maximize Your Hand Speed, Foot Speed, Punching Speed, Kicking Speed, Wrestling Speed, and Fighting Speed:

Ultimate Flexibility: A Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts:

The Book of Five Rings:

The Way of Kata: A Comprehensive Guide for Deciphering Martial Applications:

Advanced Karate-Do: Concepts, Techniques, and Training Methods:

Karate Masters:

There Are No Secrets: Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing and His T’ai Chi Chuan:

Bubishi: The Classic Manual of Combat:

The Way of Energy: Mastering the Chinese Art of Internal Strength with Chi Kung Exercise (A Gaia Original):

Secrets of the Samurai: The Martial Arts of Feudal Japan:

How To Defend Yourself in 3 Seconds (or Less!): Self Defence Secrets You NEED to Know!

Karate-Do: My Way of Life:

Karate-Do Kyohan: The Master Text:

Aikido: The Complete Basic Techniques:

Dynamic Aikido:

Packing: Supercharge Your Hands:

The Art and Science of Staff Fighting: A Complete Instructional Guide (2016):

Mastering Eskrima Disarms (2013):

Silat for the Street: Using the Ancient Martial Art for Self-Defense in the 21st Century (2016):

Chu Jeng: The Iron Fist (Book One of The Dragons of Wulin) (Volume 1, 2011):

Living the Martial Way: A Manual for the Way a Modern Warrior Should Think (1992):


Gracie Lifestyle Combatives Standard DVD Package:


Gracie Lifestyle Bully Proof Standard DVD Package:


KAPAP Combat Concepts Vol. 1: Martial Arts of The Isreali Special Forces – Principles and Conditioning:


Tai Chi Energy Patterns (YMAA) 2-DVD set:


Simple Qigong Exercises for Health – Eight Brocades Chi Kung Exercise for Beginners by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming:

Tai Chi for Health: Yang Long Form:


Wing Chun – The Science of In-Fighting:

Yi Jin Jing: Tendon-Muscle Strengthening Qigong Exercises (Chinese Health Qigong):


Visit our Yi Jin Jing page for more great options.


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