“By moving fearlessly you can gain a limitless mind.”

– Armin Houman


When you can shop virtually anywhere on the web, why shop here?  As someone who believes in the importance of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional growth and optimum health through proper diet, exercise, and deep and consistent personal practices, we, you and me, have a shared vision.  Like you, I not only strive to maximize my days and live better, but I also enjoy sharing what I learn with others, and I find encouraging them to think and believe greater, and to do what it takes to be their best, one of the reason I’m here, now.   I genuinely desire to help others become their best and to live their best lives, so the goal of the Martial – Fitness Movement Online Academy Store is to provide you with a selection of great products that not only enhance your journey, but that you can trust and love too.

I research the products I purchase and use, and do my best to buy organic, non-GMO foods and items that do not contain harmful or suspect chemicals such as, but not limited to, fluoride, parabens and phthalates, artificial sweeteners (i.e., sucralose and acesulfame potassium), etc.  So, the items I share with you here are things I would recommend to family and friend, and would / do use myself.

The links to the awesome products in the MFM Store are affiliate links, but don’t let that scare you.  All that really means is that when you make a purchase, the company (Amazon for instance) will pay us a small percentage.

Thank you for visiting, taking courses, and shopping.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Come back soon, come back often!


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MFM Courses

Browse our growing selection of courses (singles, bundles, and subscriptions) and add everything you need directly to your cart! Learn More


Martial Arts equipment, books, uniforms


No matter the style, the art, the organization, your experience, or ability, you’ll likely find something here to help you take your training to the next level. Learn More

Fitness equipment, training supplies, fitness clothing, weights, kettlebells


Whether you seek to get fit, stay fit, try something new, or level-up your current training, you’ll find a variety of fitness items to help you reach your goals, and then surpass them. Learn More

Pre-workout and post-workout supplements, vegan and animal-based protein, energy bars, mineral support and hydration aids


Fuel your training and recovery with the best natural diet possible, and then add nutritional supplements for that extra edge we all seek. Learn More

Books, organic alternates to everyday foods and snacks, healthy gut support, paraben-free and petroleum-free hair care and skin care products, cleaning supplies, amazing superfoods, teas and tisanes (herbal tea), high-quality grass-fed beef


It may seem nearly impossible, but it’s not.  Finding good, reliable, tasty, healthier alternatives to mainstream products is possible.  And, in most cases, those healthier alternatives do not have to be so expensive as to be cost-prohibitive.  Even if they are a bit more expensive, these organic… Learn More

A little bit of the best of everything, including women's clothing, gizmos, gadgets, and other interesting finds


It Great items that may not fit exactly in any of the other aisles can be found here.  Take a look… Learn More

foods on the table


Love to cook but hate to shop?  Or maybe you just don’t have time to do either, and while you know you and your family deserve healthy, wholesome meals, you don’t know how to make it happen given the time and money constraints.   Well… Learn More


The combination of our brains, our minds, and our consciousness, is perhaps our most powerful gift and greatest personal asset.  It is vitally important that we nurture and cultivate the physical and immaterial components and strive to maximize both. Learn More

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