REM Premium Subscription (Basic + Perks)

$59.99 / month for 12 months

This all-in subscription provides full access to all current and future Restorative Energetic Movement courses as well as the perks listed below under “Additional Information”!

Restorative Energetic Movement courses are designed for adults over the age of 30. Whether they work out regularly or not, REM may help them improve how they breathe, how they move, their balance, and their mind-body connection through low-impact internal and external training methods.   Start with Introduction to Restorative Energetic Movement for a program overview.  When ready, continue on with Breathing 101, Breath Energy 101 and Breath Energy 201.  Explore these courses and absorb the principles at your own pace.  Then, move on to the other REM courses to continue your journey to freer, stronger, safer, more relaxed movement!


Perk #1

Access to exclusive specials and discounts from our affiliate partners.

Perk #2

Free access to quarterly live REM Zoom workshops.

Perk #3

Exclusive access to special courses.

Perk #4

Membership in the private Restorative Energetic Movement Facebook group.


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