Monday Motivation

We all need a boost every now and then.  Whether we’re striving to lose weight, gain weight, get fit, improve our health and relationships, or reach our maximum potential, our destiny, discouragement and the desire to quit will plague us.  But, the right word at the right time, the right sentiment that touches the heart could be just the thing that encourages us to keep pressing forward.  

Below are some of the best videos to encourage you to keep going.  View, listen, really hear, and then go get it!

Monday, February 11: Persevere

Monday, February 18: Keep Going

Monday, February 25: You Can Make It

Monday, March 4: No Excuses

Monday, March 11: Destiny

Monday, March 18th: It All Starts With Your MIND

Monday, March 25th: Resilience

Monday, April 1st: Prove Them Wrong

Monday, April 8th: Stay Focused

Monday, April 29th: When All Hope is Lost 



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