Friday Fast Fit Five Workout No. 2

F4W #2:  The Five Tibetan Rites are said to be a “fountain of youth”.  Perhaps, but for sure, you’ll build strength and endurance quite quickly if you make this a part of your fitness routine.  Below is one of the best videos on the Rites; study both the movements and the breathing patterns before attempting the exercises.

After you’ve warmed your muscles up, do the exercises, three, five, or seven times each without stopping.  Eventually, you’ll be able to perform the recommended 21 reps, but until then, work your way up and enjoy the journey!

This workout can be done alone or with a partner.  Be sure to breathe throughout each exercise.  *Consult your physician prior to engaging in a new physical fitness program.


Video: Five Tibetan Rites



Good training to you!




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