Friday Fast Fit Five Workout No. 1

F4W #1:  After you’ve warmed your muscles up, do the following four exercises, five times each, two sets, without stopping.  If that doesn’t raise a sweat or a burn, set a timer for 5 minutes and keep going until the buzzer buzzes!

This workout can be done alone or with a partner.  Be sure to breathe throughout each exercise.  *Consult your physician prior to engaging in a new physical fitness program.

Five Pushups

  • Versions:  Try Standard, Wide, Staggered, Elbows Close to Body, Wave, Diamond, etc.
  • Main Points:  Be sure to engage core, keep head and back aligned, back straight, and raise upper and lower body in unison.
  • Modifications:  For an easier version, do knee pushups.  For a slightly more challenging version, lift one foot a few inches off the floor, or elevate both feet on a chair or bed.

adult athlete body exercise


Five Sit-ups:

  • Versions: Try Standard, Alternating, Feet Up, etc.
  • Main Point: Do not pull head with hands.
  • Modification: Crunches

man in black tank top inside gym


Five Leg Lifts:

  • Versions: Try Standard, Knees Bent, etc.
  • Main Points: Place hands under sacrum to support your back; a mat or folded towel may be employed if needed.  Strive for full range of motion and do not to allow feet to touch the floor during the set.
  • Modification: bend knees if straight-leg exercise is too difficult at the start.

man in black tank top doing exercise


Five Squat Hops:

  • Versions: Try Standard in-place hops, Forward and Backwards, or add a single or double 180° spin.
  • Main Points: Bend knees only as much as needed for the height desired.  Be sure to stay on your toes / ball of your feet and land as softly as possible with knees aligned with second toes.
  • Modifications: For those with knee or back problems, consider a “spring up”: instead of leaving the floor, toes and balls of feet stay down and heels come up as the knees straighten and the body lifts toward the ceiling.



Good training to you!



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