Friday Fast Fit Five Workout

Are you just beginning your fitness journey and need a starting point?  Or maybe you already follow a set routine, but need something to break the monotony?  Perhaps you’re traveling for work or are on vacation and don’t have time for a full workout, but you want a quick yet effective routine to energize your body and mind.  If any of the above is the case, you’ve come to the right place: Friday Fast Fit Five Workout (F4W)!

Below you’ll find a series of fast (5 mins or less) and adaptable workouts that require little or no equipment.  Try a given F4w once, just as suggested, and if its too easy or too difficult, adjust it by increasing or decreasing the number of reps or sets until the desired level of challenge or burn is reached.

Have fun with these supplemental workouts, so give them a try and get to sweatin’!

*Remember to consult your physician prior to engaging in a new physical fitness program.

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