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Let’s Make Age Just a Number Again…

If you’re 30 or older, but feel more like you’re 99 or older, and would like to restore or improve balance, breathing, movement, mobility, and more, Restorative Energetic Movement (REM) might just be the program that you need!

Aging with Grace

Time inevitably speeds on, and so does the aging process. Aching joints, reduced range of motion and mobility, and the degradation of balance seem to be the norm. But, thankfully, we can age with grace if we adopt a few simple principles, such as those that compose the fundamental core concepts of Restorative Energetic Movement.

Core Concept One:


Core Concept Two:


Core Concept Three:


Core Concept Four:


Improve at Your Own Pace

Whether you are working to enhance your range of motion, balance, breathing, core strength, smoothness and grace of movement, overall coordination, etc, REM allows you to improve at your own pace. The low to no-impact training can be done just about anywhere, and at any time, night or day, and you don’t even need “workout” clothes to train!

Benefits of REM

Improving your range of motion, balance, breathing, core strength, and overall coordination will have invaluable positive effects on your life. The top five benefits of REM include*:

5. Fewer aches and pains

4. Stronger, more centralized and graceful movement

3. Greater mind-body connection

2. Ability to “keep up” with the kids

  1. Deeper enjoyment of life

REM Testimonial


I’m 55 years old. Am I too old to do this?

Students in their mid 70s have benefited from the program, so it is likely that you can too!

Do I need any equipment?

Occasionally, improvised equipment may be suggested, such as during the balance courses, but in most cases, you do not need any special equipment in order to make great progress.

How long will it take to make progress?

Because the program is self-paced, participants will progress at different rates. If you are consistent in your training and in your exploration of the topics and principles you will be pleasantly surprised by the rate and depth of your progress.

Who is Restorative Energetic Movement made for?

The Restorative Energetic Movement program is designed for adults ages 30 and above who are ready to reduce the effects of aging by improving balance, joint alignment, awareness, breathing, etc .

The Next Step

If you are ready to take the next step, to improve your movement and improve your life, click the “Get Started Today!” button below and purchase the Restorative Energetic Movement Starter Bundle. This special bundle includes:

Introduction to Restorative Energetic Movement (regular tuition: free)
Breathing 101 (regular tuition: $99)
Breath Energy 101 (regular tuition: $109)
Breath Energy 201 (regular tuition: $109)

REM Starter Bundle

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
-Lao Tzu

Get started today with the REM Starter Bundle for just $197 ($120 off full tuition rate of $317)!

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