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Spring Specials for All

Though winter hasn’t been as evil as it usually is in my area, I am ready for SPRING! Actually, I’ve been ready for spring since January 2nd, but that’s nothing new. What is new are the special SPRING discounts on two great courses and one incredible bundle! Check ’em out:

The Bully Code

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The Bully Code course is designed for kids and youth (and adults) ages 7 and above. In this course, students will learn vital truths about themselves and about bullies as they explore methods to shut down bullies before a situation escalates. Use code bully30 at checkout to receive $30 off of The Bully Code’s regular tuition. Click the photo to learn more about The Bully Code.

Stress Less!

Let’s face it, you’ve got stress, I’ve got stress, we’ve all got stress, but what matters most is how we deal with that stress. You will learn three powerful stress management methods in the Stress Less! course, as well a multitude of de-stressors to help you overcome stress before it overcomes you… Use code stress50 at checkout to receive $50 off of Stress Less!. Click the photo to learn more about this course.

Restorative Energetic Movement Starter Bundle

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If you’re over 30, you’ve probably experienced a little ache here, a little stiffness there, yes? That’s normal with aging, right? What if you could learn how to move better, improve balance, core strength, and grace, even as you age? These are just some of the goals of the Restorative Energetic Movement program. Click the photo to learn more about REM and the REM Starter Bundle. Use code rem80 at checkout to receive $80 off of the Restorative Energetic Movement Starter Bundle.

Winter always seems to linger, to wear out its welcome by delaying Spring’s arrival, but that doesn’t mean you have to delay your personal growth and transformation. Now is the perfect time take our our stress management or REM course, or to boost a child’s confidence through The Bully Code course. Click the above links to learn more and to sign up for these courses. Be sure to share this blog entry with a friend who could also benefit from one or more of our courses. And don’t forget to use the discount codes to save.

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Discount codes expire Sunday, April 2nd, so go, jump on it today so you too can learn, grow, evolve!

Happy Spring,


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