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A Free Guide for Those Who Are Ready to Level-Up

It’s now February–how are your New Year Resolutions working out for you? Have they been forgotten, or were they tossed away like last week’s garbage? Or, did you start strong, but your drive and your determination faded out as the month went on…?

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Didn’t make any resolutions this year? What about your regular, everyday, ongoing goals? Other than straightforward survival, which these days is a major goal in itself, how are your main dreams and objectives coming along? What’s that you say? Not making any substantial progress? Sorry to hear that, but truth is, you’re not alone…

the Standard Pattern

If you are human, and I’m guessing you are, unless you have unusually powerful vision, determination and grit, discipline, clarity, and consistency, the quest to achieve your goals and dreams is downright challenging. We all experience setbacks and discouragement, negative or mediocre results, our motivation wanes, or we just simply give up. But why? Why do we lose more than we win? Yes, failure is part of the goals / dreams journey, but when losing becomes a habit, and we notice our losing patterns, we should stop and ask questions…

Breaking the Pattern

Wouldn’t it be great to break the patterns that keep us from achieving truly stellar results? While it’s not always easy to do so, it is possible to turn things around. If you’re one of the few who are ready and willing to do the work, check out my free eBook, Level-Up And Transform Your Life! It’s full of useful information and actionable principles and skills that could help you break those often hidden, unhelpful, losing patterns stifling your life.

Here are a few of the many reasons I wrote this guide:

  • …because I wanted to organize my thoughts and ideas about the topic…
  • …I enjoy writing and examining interesting and useful concepts…
  • …most of all, I wrote it with the hope that it will help even just one person to live a better life.

If you are intrigued, if you are ready to win more and lose less, join MFM’s Level-Up email list using the form below and the free eBook is yours! You will also receive periodic emails with tips to help you continue to level-up, as well as exclusive specials and discounts on fitness equipment and healthier lifestyle items to enhance your journey.

The Path Ahead

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Whether you sign up for this adventure or not, I wish you the best on your chosen path. For those who choose to join up, get ready, ’cause this could change everything, in a very good and interesting way. So, fill out the form underneath my name, and let’s get started!

Until next time, learn, grow, evolve,



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