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Will It Break You?

Most of us are in a tough, impossible spot right now. Things are not going the way we imagined, dreamed, hoped, expected, or worked for. We are pushed to the edge, to the very edge of who and what we believe we are, and we wonder…

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Most of us are facing rough, challenging circumstances. It looks and feels as if we are losing, as if everything is crumbling around us, and within us. We cling to hope, grasping our last thin thread of faith, and we wonder…

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Most of us are being put through test after test, after test, and we do not see even a glint of light at the end of the long, dark tunnel. We are beat down, weary, barely standing, or down on our knees. We do not want to break, we do not want to surrender, but…we wonder…

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But many of us are starting to realize that the challenges, the hardships, the failures and losses…may just be momentous opportunities for growth and expansion. And whether they break us, or they make us, is in large measure up to us, and our reactions and our next several actions will tell the tale of which path we have chosen… So we wonder…”What if…

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What if…the challenges help us become agile and more adaptable?

What if…the hard times make us stronger?

What if…the darkness teaches us to shine brighter?

What if…the edge…reminds us that we can fly?

What if…this time transforms us into who and what we are meant to be?

What if…?

“You have just two choices: allow your rejections, failures, frustrations and disappointments to bust you up, break you down, make you give up and surrender your dreams, or you can get up, steel your courage and accept those challenges, dissect and digest those trials and employ them to propel you past the pain and drive you down a far better path than planned, expected, or even dreamed.” -EDB**

Stay strong, my friends. We will not break!


**I wrote that sentence and posted it on my Facebook page in January 2012. While I don’t recall why I originally wrote it, when it popped up on my page as a memory this month, it was as if the 2012 version of me sent me a message to encourage me to keep going!

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