It’s That Time of The Year Again…

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Winter is coming…” they say, but according to the current condition of my hands, its already here!

photo of brown bare tree on brown surface during daytime
Is this your skin or mine?

Wintertime Acrimony

I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll say it again: Winter hates me and I hate winter. It’s true. While there are some things I do love about winter (jackets, sweaters, hoodies, no bugs, hot chocolate, Christmas, etc), the rest (snow, ice, cold dry air, et al.) is not for me. One of the things I hate most is the effect winter has on my hands… Now, don’t get me wrong, my hands are pretty tough. I punch and strike hard objects almost everyday and just for the fun it as part of my karate training. But winter…it really does a work on my hands like nothing else. Within a few days of wintry weather setting in, the skin on my hands begin to crack, and if not tended to with diligence, my hands will eventually bleed. But, thanks to a good friend, I have a solution that works. I’ve shared it with you before and will probably share it with you every year until I purchase a winter home in Florida or Texas, or on some tropical island!

A Solution, Plus Four

Let’s get right to it. If winter damages your hands, cracking them and causing them to bleed, I’d highly recommend you give Bloody Knuckles by Duke Cannon a try. It’s been my go-to for the past few winters and it has yet to disappoint!

While I’ve not yet tried any of the following, they may be just as good and effective as my #1 go-to, so check them out as well:

Bloody Hands, No More

There you go. If winter wrecks your hands, it’s time to fight back. Give one of the presented skin repair balms a try, find what works best for you, and maybe winter will be a bit more…enjoyable.


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