Course Spotlight: Japanese Karate 101

It took a little longer than planned, but Martial – Fitness – Movement Online Academy’s first martial course is now available!


Japanese Karate 101 introduces students to karate concepts and practices via an emphasis on punching techniques. It was designed and created for kids, youth, and adults, who may be interested in studying karate, but are unable to find an in-person class due to location, time, costs, etc. This course presents basic principles of punching in a way that the student, hopefully, feels as if they are taking a one-on-one private lesson.


This course (and those that follow) provides good introduction into the fundamental principles and basic techniques of Shotokan karate. A strong foundation and functional understanding of the basic principles is vital; with diligent practice, such a method will lead to highly advanced skills. While the intricacies and subtleties involved in teaching and learning a martial art online present definite challenges, it is not impossible to begin or continue ones journey through books, videos, and online courses.


Kids and youth ages 8 through 17, as well as adults of all ages, may find this course fun, and beneficial. Because some of the concepts may be difficult to understand for kids under about 7 years of age, parents or other adults should take the course alongside them.


Getting started is really easy–just following these simple steps:

  1. Click Japanese Karate 101: Punching
  2. Add the course to cart
  3. Go to cart and enter coupon code karate20 to receive 20% off! Code expires November 23rd, 2022, so take advantage of the discount today!
  4. Complete the purchase and any remaining steps (i.e. registration / profile creation, etc.)
  5. Start the course, and begin learning the art!

If you have any questions or experience any problems registering for Japanese Karate 101: Punching, please reach out: Contact.

Until next time, learn, grow, evolve!


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