A Quick Guide to Martial Arts Training at Home

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Ms. Susan Treadway, an addict in recovery, authored the following guest post. She uses a holistic approach to sobriety to stay on a successful path and believes adopting even a few holistic methods can help anyone struggling with addiction.

Susan wants everyone to know that you don’t have to be a hippie to embrace holistic wellness – this concept is simply about focusing on your entire sense of well-being rather than just one part. She hopes her website, rehabholistics.com, will inspire anyone who has struggled with addiction to incorporate holistic practices into their own self-care routine.

Looking for ways to keep your kids engaged during the pandemic? Encourage them to try martial arts! Even if your local martial arts studio is closed right now, you can still help your kids learn the fundamentals of their chosen martial art form and prepare them for when classes start back up again. Create an at-home training space and get your kids started with some basic drills. There are plenty of resources online to help you out!

Why Kids Should Learn Martial Arts

The martial arts have several fantastic benefits for kids. Besides being a great source of exercise, training in the martial arts will also teach your kids good morals and valuable skills.

  • Studies show that martial arts training can promote good behavior in kids.
  • Practicing martial arts is an excellent form of exercise and can even help kids relieve stress and anxiety.
  • If your kids have trouble focusing in school, martial arts training can help them learn to concentrate and exhibit patience.
  • Despite common belief, the martial arts don’t encourage violence. In fact, the practice teaches respect and peaceful conflict resolution!

Building a Home Studio

If you don’t have room in your house for your kids to practice martial arts, consider converting your basement or garage into a personal dojo. Your home improvement updates might even boost your home value!

  • Install rubber flooring in your martial arts studio to keep your kids safe and comfortable when they’re sparring or running through drills.
  • Make sure your home martial arts studio is properly insulated and ventilated.
  • If you plan on selling your home in the future, try to design your studio as a multi-purpose room that future buyers can use for something else. A rec room or home gym could be considered a valuable home feature!

How to Practice Martial Arts at Home

Until your kids can attend a regular martial arts class, encourage them to try some basic drills at home. You can find all kinds of great training resources online!

  • To avoid injury, make sure your kids stretch and warm up before each practice session.
  • Karate is a popular form of martial arts for kids. Get started with some basic moves like the straight punch and front kick.
  • You can help your kids run through balance exercises that will improve their form and technique in various martial art styles.
  • Keep your kids entertained and engaged by trying out some martial arts games.

Setting up an in-home martial arts studio and running through drills with your kids are great ways to spend your time while sheltering in place. You might even develop a passion for martial arts yourself! Whether you decide to build a home studio in your basement or practice in your backyard, you’re bound to make some wonderful new memories with your kids.

Need more ideas for enhancing your child’s martial arts training? You can find DVDs, belts, books, and other great products at the Martial-Fitness Minimart!

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