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Meatful Monday #4: Carnivore Week Three in Review

I am now more than halfway through my Carnivore Diet experiment. This past week, Week 3, fits snugly between the highs of Week 1 and the lows of Week 2

The Highs…

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A few mostly good things from Week 3 come immediately to mind. They were not by any means big ole explosions of great insight or positive breakthroughs, but they may lead me in that direction. At least, I’m hopeful that they will:

  • At the end of Week 2, I realized how big a deal electrolytes are in the Carnivore Diet, and really in any dietary plan and active lifestyle. I’ve been salting my water for years and though I increased the amount of sea salt, I needed more electrolytes. Thankfully, I had a couple boxes of SOS Electrolyte Drink Mix on hand and that has been a big help.
  • Even after eating eggs everyday since February 15th, I still haven’t experienced the egg allergy / issue that has bothered me for the past few years…
  • My physical training didn’t suffer as much this week. I’m going to start exiting my Winter Training Mode program as I do every March, but I’ll take it a bit slower and will save the 5 Tibetans for a couple of weeks down the road.
  • The bacon has been, and continues to be, delicious.
  • I cooked a roast in a slow-cooker for the first time, and it turned out nice and tender. Roast #2 was in the cooker as I wrote this; it was really tasty this morning and will be breakfast for the next couple of days.

The Lows…

I did not trip that kid.

They say that progress, even when slow, is still progress. Well, it’s been slow and I’m ready for some real progress.

  • My gut still in not happy. Not angry, but not humming along like it should be.
  • I decided to put the bone broth protein powder aside for the remainder of the experiment. While I love that stuff, it may, or may not, be slowing my progress. I will however continue to use Great Lakes Collagen and Bulletproof Collagen. Both are unflavored, high quality, and dissolve easily in water.

The Questions…

These questions are bouncing around in my head. I should probably answer them soon.

  • Should I continue on with another month of Carnivore just to give it a fair shake? I’ve entertained the idea of adding a second full month to the experiment, but that will really depend on how this next week goes.
  • If Carnivore doesn’t work for me as expected, what gives? What’s my plan? Do I ease back into Paleo / Keto, or try something else?

What’s up for Week 4?

Bacon cooked over a fire? Yes please!

At the end of Week 3, I did decide to go forward with the Beef Liver supplement, but because it’s such a powerful health aid, I’m taking it really slow. So this week, along with the the electrolytes, I’m also (re)introducing Betaine HCL with pepsin. I’ve used Betaine HCL with pepsin off and on for several years and now that my protein intake is so high, it should help my gut digest the tons of meat I’m enjoying.

That’s about it for Week 3. Oh, there was the funny little issue of blowin’ a small chunk of meat out of my nose during breakfast, but that’s another story for another day...!

Until next time…bac-on!


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