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Meatful Monday #2: Carnivore Week One in Review

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With week #1 behind me, I’d like to share a few quick insights into my Carnivore Diet experiment / adventure. If you missed the first entry, take a quick look back at Meatful Monday #1.

Pros, so far…

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While I believe I’m noticing several internal (mind and body) positive effects, I’m not going to share those just yet. Since it’s only been a week, I want to make sure I’m not experiencing a placebo effect when it comes to the internal pros. But, I can share these:

  • Meal planning is rather simple.
  • My grocery bill is noticeably lower.
  • Bacon…
  • Bacon fat
  • Somewhere along the way I developed an egg allergy and had to stop eating them a few years ago. And even just a couple months ago when I retried them, I experienced the same irritation. For whatever reason I’m not yet sure of, I’ve had very minor to no issues this time around and I’ve eaten eggs every day.
  • This one is weird, but for some reason, water seems to taste even better than usual!
  • For the most part, I’ve been eating two meals a day and haven’t had the need for much more than that.

I felt like this little guy when I tried bacon again for the first time in many years:

Cons, so far…

Without a doubt, I’ve noticed some cons or negatives. Some were expected like lower energy during the adaptation phase, but thankfully that lasted only a day or so. Other cons, well…

  • Cravings…lots of them. I’ve not really been much of a heavy craver, but now I want everything that I can’t have!
  • I really miss my MMS, or Massive Morning Smoothie. This thing is not only massive, it’s quite tasty, and nutritious, and on my long teaching days, it allows me to teach and train for a good six or seven hours before I feel the need to refuel. I think I’ll share the recipe with you very soon.
  • I’ve never been a fast eater, and I’ve found that eating during this experiment takes even more time.
  • While meal planning is easier, breakfast prep takes a lot more time than making my MMS.
  • Did I mention the cravings? Oh, and the grocery store where I shop decided to add several new organic products this week, this week of all weeks, and none are on my list ’cause they ain’t meat.

New Questions…

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A few new questons have come up since I started the Carnivore Diet, but these are just ponderings, things that I’m sure I’ll find the answers to over the next few days or weeks.

  • They say to eat until you are “comfortably stuffed”… What does that mean, like “first date stuffed”, or “Thanksgiving Day stuffed”? There’s a difference for sure!
  • Are bone broth and collagen protein powders allowed? Some say yes, some say no, so for now until know for sure, I’m saying yes, in moderation.
  • What the heck are the “meat sweats“? Asking for a friend.

What’s Next?

close up photo of cooked bacon
What’s next? More bacon, of course!

This week, I’m hoping to add three powerful, healing foods to my arsenal, items that are great for you even if you’re not on the Carnivore Diet. I could be wrong but for some reason I think these nutrient-dense foods will work even better during this experiment:

Item 1: Bone broth

bowl of soup

I purchased some good, frozen, real bone broth and will be drinking that this week. I’m also saving bones to make my own. Its been a few years since I made bone broth so I can hardly wait to get it started. Bone broth is one of those super-foods you pretty much need to add if you’ve experienced chronic gut and / or joint issues*.

Item 2: High-Quality Grass-Fed Beef Liver Supplement

Beef liver is known to be one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. It’s full of bio-available Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, CoQ10, choline, and Zinc among other vital nutrients. But, since the thought of liver makes most of our stomachs quiver, this supplement provides an easy, convenient way to still reap the benefits without having to deal with the taste, feel, and smell of the organ meat…

Item 3: Grass-Fed Beef Liver Tallow

Contrary to what most of us have been taught, fat, healthy fat, is good for you; in fact, most of us need more healthy fats in our diets. Beef tallow is one of those healthy fats that you might want to look into if you haven’t yet. It contains a good amount of vitamins including D and E, as well as choline and useful fatty acids. And it’s great for cooking due to its high smoke point. Beef tallow also adds a nice flavor to whatever you use it in.

Well, that’s it for now. This week promises to be interesting as I continue the Carnivore path. Questions? Just let me know.

Until next time, enjoy your bacon!


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