Meatful Monday #1: FULL Carnivore Mode!

Recently, I heard a large school district proudly announcing their new program, Meatless Monday, and it made me frown. So I thought I’d counter their move with MEATFUL MONDAY, and TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY through SUNDAY, bwwwaaahaaaahaaa!

Okay, not really countering their move, but I am, as of today, beginning my own experiment with…the Carnivore Diet.

Wait, What??

close photography of grilled meat on griddle

It is exactly as it sounds and totally the opposite of going vegan. Carnivore Diet (CD) = eating animals and animal products only. Nothing else shall cross thy lips. No fruits or veggies (but…), no smoothies or protein bars (ouch), no nuts or nut butters (come on now!); no, none of these is allowed. Just meat, and healthy animal fats. That’s right, the CD is a rather extreme elimination diet. Simple, or simply crazy? Or both?

Why in the World?

When I first hear about things like this I either put them in the “Insane” category or I store them in the “Investigate Later” box. This one I filed under both. For the past few years I kept hearing about CD and I watched an amazing transformation take place in one of my Facebook friends who has been on the diet for a couple of years. I was intrigued by claims of how the CD virtually reversed autoimmune issues and reduced brain fog and inflammation, re-balanced hormones, repaired gut issues, and strengthened the body as a whole.

In researching these claims over the past couple of months, I reviewed articles and watched videos from both sides, those who are for the CD and those who oppose it. What I found was more than enough for me to give it a try. Note, I’m not advocating it one way or another, I just like to experiment with diet and fitness in an effort to optimize my health, my fitness, and my overall well-being. Besides, even the most disciplined of us probably got a bit off track in our healthful nutrition plans during the mess that was 2020. Am I right? So, even as I regained control of my nutrition near the end of 2020, I still want to see if I can take it further.

What’s Next?

photo of cooked bacon
What’s next? Bacon, of course!

I’ve committed to giving this thing a full 30 days, and maybe more. I’m not new to such experimentation and I know the pros and cons of the CD, as well as the odd unpleasantness to expect during the adjustment period. I will of course be monitoring things and adjusting as I go but the goal is to be very pragmatic and objective and go all-in for one month. After that, we’ll see.

I promise not to bore you with pics or videos of what I’m eating each day, but I will do a check-in about once per week.

If you’re curious about the Carnivore Diet, do your own research, talk with someone who has done it, or let me know and I can send you some helpful links.

Until next time, be sure to eat your bacon…or I will.


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