Rising Through and Above this Present Crisis


I hope you and your families are doing well and staying safe.  Though we started the year with a sense of optimism, ready to conquer 2020, our collective focus has shifted. None of us could have imagined an actual, life-changing pandemic to occur this year, or even in our lifetime, but here we are.  Let’s do everything we can to strengthen ourselves, support each other, and use this uncommon, unwanted situation as a positively transformative moment.  As such, I’d like to share a few suggestion that may be helpful:


  • Continue to train, or begin some type of physical fitness regime.   Need ideas?  Try one or more of these:  YJJ, ZZ, 5TR
  • Shoot for high consistency instead of high intensity meaning, do a set amount of training each day at a low or moderate level of intensity.  We want to strengthen our immune system and not weaken it through over-training.  
  • Go to sleep at a regular time and wake up at a regular time.  Make sure you receive enough restful sleep.  Get up and get dressed and get busy doing something good / healthful / educational / enjoyable / purposeful.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat as healthily as possible and consider reducing sugar intake.
  • Breathe.

Mental / Emotional:

  • Feel what you feel.  Allow yourself to experience the fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness, etc.  Don’t beat yourself up for what you feel, but also don’t let those emotions linger and drag you down.  Instead, recognize, acknowledge and go through them, and then figure out how to use them as motivational fuel.  
  • Consider limiting social media and try not to overload on the news.  Get the info you need once or twice a day and get on with your daily goals and tasks.
  • Read books!  We all have a pile (or three…) of “someday” books…  Now is that someday, the time to soak up that knowledge is at hand.
  • Read or watch or write or share something funny and lighthearted each day.
  • Check on your people on a regular basis.
  • Find a way to help someone else.
  • Remind yourself as often as needed: “All things work together for good…”


  • Pray and listen.
  • Meditate and listen.
  • Sit in silence or just stare out the window and listen.
  • If none of the above is you, this is a great time to give it a try.  It’s free, you have nothing to lose, and you just might be pleasantly surprised by what you gain.


I hope something from this list is helpful.  May we all, individually and together, rise in this time of national and global need.  

Let me know how you are doing.  Stay strong and press on my friends. 


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