25+ Ways to Beat the Winter Doldrums


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Now that Christmas has passed and we’re in the new year, what do we have to look forward to? Winter, that’s what. When winter is nice, its nice, but when its harsh…batten down the hatches, gird the mind, and prepare for battle!

And harsh is exactly what last winter was for most of the country with the dull, gray skies, the extreme cold (aka Polar Vortexes), the unrelenting snow, freezing rain, freezing drizzle, sleet, and that frozen stuff called graupel. In the month of February, pretty much no school district in our metropolitan area made it a full week without having to cancel classes due to weather.

And then there were the ubiquitous, mega black holes potholes; all across the metropolitan area, city and suburbs alike, streets look like they’d been blasted by meteorite storms. For many drivers last year, including yours truly, those craterous potholes proved to be downright tire-killers. Yes, that was definitely a winter for the record books.  Let’s…not do that again…

Uh, Is It Over Yet?

While this winter hasn’t been all that rough, a lot of us are ready to move on to warmer, snow-less days. Yes, winter may come around just once per year, but it always seems to last the whole year through…

If this winter is already driving you to the edge, hang on, spring will come. Until then, try these twenty-five (plus) things that just might help you make it to spring:

  1. Enjoy a variety of organic hot tea.

  2. Drink lots of organic hot chocolate.
  3. Join a gym, try a new workout plan, meet new people.
  4. Try solar light therapy.
  5. Do yoga. Hot yoga.
  6. Listen to / watch summer oriented videos. Here are a few to get you started: Cruel Summer, Summertime, Boys of Summer.
  7. In defiance of winter, eat ice cream. Bonus points: eat ice cream outside. Hardcore bonus points: make and eat snow ice cream as the snow falls. Use a fork and a knife, and laugh manically, the whole time.

  8. Pick a weekend to stay in, then crank up the heat and humidifier and wear bathing suits all weekend long.

  9. Organic chocolate. ’nuff said.
  10. Explore the art of fermentation. Your gut and your taste buds will thank you.
  11. Bake some tasty treats.
  12. Spend a weekend at a local hotel, just for the fun of it. Better yet, book a room at one with an indoor pool, or spa, or indoor water park.
  13. Binge-watch “Tidying up with Marie Condo” and then, downsize your stuff.
  14. Start an indoor greenhouse.
  15. Cultivate an indoor garden or terrarium.
  16. Plan and execute a big ole indoor picnic on your living room floor. Bonus points: sprinkle #20 on the situation.
  17. Use a flame thrower to clear the snow and ice from your driveway and sidewalks. Yeah, I dare ya.
  18. Watch television show or movies that take place in warm locales. Examples: Magnum Pi (the original of course), Miami Vice, and South Pacific.
  19. Host a luau for friends.
  20. Ant farms aren’t just for kids, so get yourself one. Besides, you’ll need some ants for #16.
  21. Camp out in your living room or basement. Pitch a tent or build an expansive blanket fort, and find a safe way to roast marshmallows indoors.
  22. Listen to Pyrate Radio and enjoy tropical rock tunes.
  23. Start a new hobby.
  24. Volunteer at a local school, community center, library, hospital, animal shelter, etc.
  25. Start a side business.
  26. See how many books you can read in one month.
  27. Write your own book.
  28. Purchase or borrow a telescope and explore the glorious winter skies.
  29. Start formulating next year’s Winter Escape Plan. Think Florida, or Hawaii, or some nice arid, warm desert. Seriously, let’s just be like the birds and leave winter behind next year.

There you go. If you have other interesting ways to beat winter, please comment below.

I’d like to thank my good friends / co-conspirators Julie and Sherri for contributing to this list! Be sure to visit Julie’s jewelry site and browse her unique and cool creations: julie.designer

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Come on, SPRING, come on!


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