Others, but Not You…

Statistically, by this time in January, most people have already forsaken their “New Year, New Me!” resolutions and goals.  But not you.  You are not like the rest, and here’s why…

Others.  You.


Those who have already given up on their goals:

Have lost sight of their why…  Not you; your why is always at the forefront of your heart and your mind.  Your why is about your family, friends, and community as well as yourself.

Relied on hype and motivation instead of consistency and discipline…  Not you; you understand that while hype and motivation are useful, they are fleeting, but consistency and discipline are two solid keys to success in any endeavor.

Found it too difficult to get through the difficult parts…  Not you; sometimes it hurts, sometimes it is all but impossible, but you know pain won’t last, and you believe all things are possible.

Didn’t make a plan… Not you; you know that those who fail to plan, really do plan to fail.

Didn’t draw a line in the sand…  Not you; you dug that mental-emotional line/trench because you understand the power of intention and commitment.

Choose comfort over transformation…  Not you; you know that comfort and transformation cannot coexist, so you choose transformation over comfort.

Thought it would be a cinch…  Not you; you know that nothing worthwhile will ever be easy.  It will be hard, very hard, but it will be worth it.

Gave up when they found they had to go it alone…  Not you; you are willing to follow the path to your goal even when it gets lonely.  In fact, you’d rather go solo than to try to drag the deadweight of a semi-committed buddy.

Are easily distracted…  Not you; while you also become distracted from time to time, you wake up quickly and get back on task.

Don’t want to be seen as “obsessive”…  Not you; you understand that unleashing your greatness will require a certain, healthy level of obsession.  You’re willing to be thought of as weird.

Are content with the status quo…  Not you; you are grateful for your life as it is now but you know that your potential is vast.  You are willing to push the limits in order to unlock that incredible potential.


But you…you set your sights and go after it.  You are willing to do the work, endure the pain, and sacrifice the desires of today for the greater victories of tomorrow.  This is who you are, and because of this, who you are now is nothing compare to who you will soon become! 

You’ve got this.  You really do.  Keep going!



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