It’s Holiday Fitness Check-In Time!

We are in it–the holiday season is in full swing!  So, how are you doing?  No, I’m not asking whether or not you’ve been naughty or nice, made your list and checked it twice, or if you’ve completed your shopping.  Nope, I want to know if you’re enjoying yourself while still maintaining a good level of physical activity, and a diet filled with lots of good, healthy foods. Yes, I’m really asking if over-indulged in the cookies, the nog, and the cakes, the oh so tasty cakes…  Well, have you?

Get it Back

If you’ve fallen off the sleigh, what’s your plan to get back your fitness groove?  Are you planning to wait until January 1st to get back on track, or do you not have a plan at all?  Good news is, it’s easy to reestablish your normal routine, and still continue enjoying the holidays.  You just need a plan.  Review these three entries if you need ideas :

How NOT to Eat that Cookie

How NOT to Eat that Cookies, Part 2

They’re Comin’ for You…

Remember To…

As you do your best to stay fit and be healthy while enjoying the holiday season, remember to:

  • Be in the moment
  • Give yourself a break
  • Smile and laugh
  • Get some sleep
  • Drink water!

Enjoy your holidays!  


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