Eight Fantastic Gut Aids: Collagen Protein

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In the entry, Need to FIX Your Gut?, I discussed an excellent book that I read regarding gut health.  In this related series, I will share eight foods and supplements that I’ve found extremely helpful in aiding my gut, as well as my fitness endeavors.

My Top 8 Gut Friendly Supplements

  1. Colostrum
  2. Collagen
  3. Bone Broth and Bone Broth Protein Powder
  4. Probiotics
  5. HCL
  6. Digestive Enzymes
  7. Fermented / Cultured Foods
  8. Proteolytic Enzymes

Maybe you already use some of these items.  If not, perhaps one or more is just what you need to heal* your gut and take your fitness, and your life, to the next level.


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What is Collagen?

Collagen is an abundant, fibrous, structural protein found throughout the human body.  It is most notably present in skin, and connective tissue such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.  Collagen is also a major component of the eyes, bone, blood vessels, and of course, the digestive system.  The word collagen originates from the Greek word kólla, meaning glue (i.e., produced from boiled animal skins, tendons, etc).  In essence, collagen holds the body together.

Types of Collagen

While there are as many as 28 types of collagen, the majority of the collagen within the body is comprised of Type I, II, and III.

  • Type I, found in: skin, tendons, ligaments, artery walls, organs, bone, etc.
  • Type II, found in:  cartilage
  • Type III, found in:  liver, bone marrow, heart, etc.

Possible Benefits of Collagen Peptides and Protein

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For many people, the first benefit of collagen that comes to mind involves hair, nails, skin, and joints.  While hair, nails, skin, and joints can certainly benefit from supplemental collagen,  the rest of the body may as well. Similar to colostrum, collagen may help to speed up post-workout recovery.  It has also been shown to aid in the repair of the digestive tract and reduce permeability issues (leaky gut).

Other benefits may include:

  • Build and repair muscle
  • Anti-aging (skin)
  • System detoxification (glycine content)
  • Great for joints and bones
  • Strengthen connective tissue
  • Helps repair gut lining

To receive the maximum benefit of collagen supplementation, be sure take a good Vitamin C supplement along with it.  See below for recommendations.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects tend to be rare but may include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Calcium overload (marine sourced collagen) 

What to Look For

When purchasing collagen, be sure to choose / consider the following:

  • Country of origin (US, Canada, New Zealand are best for been collagen)
  • Animal source, depending on needs / allergies: egg, chicken, beef, fish, etc.
  • Miminal or no additives or fillers
  • Produced by grass-fed cows in the case of beef collagen
  • Organic and / or non-GMO
  • Antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and pesticide-free

Brands to Consider

Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder, 16.2 oz

  • MULTI COLLAGEN FORMULA – Multi collagen protein features five collagen types, including types I, II, III, V and X from four different sources! Enjoy this potent, high-quality blend of hydrolyzed bovine, chicken, fish, and eggshell collagen peptides in an odorless, tasteless and easy-to-mix powder that can be added to a wide variety of healthy foods and beverages
  • CLEAN & PURE SOURCES – Free of antibiotics, growth hormones and chemicals, our keto friendly collagen protein powder is derived from chicken and eggs sourced exclusively from Midwest US farms, grass-fed, pasture-raised cows from South America and shellfish-free fish collagen derived from wild, cold water fish harvested in North America
  • HIGH PROTEIN, LOW CALORIE – One serving of Ancient Nutrition multi collagen protein powder mix provides 9g of protein, 10.2g of collagen and only 50 calories! Add a heaping spoonful to any smoothie, shake, cold drink or hot drink for a daily boost of collagen protein. Excellent for cooking, our formula mixes instantly into liquids without clumping or chalky residue

Click for more information or to purchase:

Bulletproof Collagen Protein, Amino Acid Building Blocks for High Performance, 16 oz

  • GREAT SOURCE OF COLLAGEN: Collagen is one of the most important nutrients needed to maintain a strong body and keep you in healing mode.
  • SOURCED FROM PASTURE-RAISED CATTLE: Our Collagen is sourced from pasture-raised cows. These cattle spend their entire lives in the pasture.
  • GREAT ADDITION TO FOOD: Collagen is a supplement that can be added to any liquid drink, or meal you already make, without needing to cook time-consuming broths, stews, soups, and organ meats.
  • ALL NATURAL: Collagen does not contain any dairy, egg, sugar, corn, yeast, wheat, soy, gluten, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Our Collagen source (gelatin) is certified by the FDA as GRAS.
  • CONTAINS MORE COLLAGEN THAN BONE BROTH: Collagen is enzymatically processed several times to leave its peptides intact, resulting in a neutral tasting, highly available protein that is odorless and doesn’t clump. It is far easier to use and contains more collagen than bone broth.

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Collagen Peptides Powder | Grass-Fed, Certified Paleo Friendly, Non-Gmo and Gluten Free – Unflavored, 16 oz

REAL CERTIFICATIONS: Many companies claim to be, but our Collagen Powder is actually 3rd party certified by the Paleo & Keto Foundation, and non-GMO verified by the IGEN program

Click for more information or to purchase, click item:

Vitamin C Supplements

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C | 1,000 mg Vitamin C Per Packet | Liposome Encapsulated for Maximum Bioavailability | Professionally Formulated | 100% Non-GMO, 0.2 fl oz. – 30 Packets

  • Utilizes a revolutionary method of enhanced Vitamin C delivery, Liposomal Encapsulation Technology, designed to help your body absorb more Vitamin C
  • Perfect Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system. Vitamin C can assist with muscle repair for those with active lifestyles
  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect cells from the damage caused by harmful freeradicals
  • Vitamin C supports collagen production for healthier, firmer skin
  • Vegan, Non GMO. Formula contains NO: Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, or Hexane. Zone/Paleo Diet Friendly. To take: Squeeze packet into 1 to 3 ounces of water or a favorite cool beverage and consume in one gulp. The product will not dissolve

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Dr. Mercola Liposomal Vitamin C 1,000mg per Serving – Antioxidant Supplement with Higher Bioavailability Potential & Immune System Support – 180 Capsules – 90 Servings

  • DR. MERCOLA VITAMIN C DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS are engineered for quality and maximal health benefits for your whole body – produced by a worldwide leader with more than 100 years of industry experience.
  • C VITAMINS are water-soluble antioxidants that target free radicals in your blood and the fluid inside your cells and work in conjunction with lipid-soluble antioxidants such as Vitamin E to protect cell membranes.
  • VITAMINC has the potential to maintain cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels that are already in the normal range.*
  • LIPOSOMAL ABSORPTION of Dr. Mercola’s Vitamin C supplement has the potential for bioavailability advantages vs. traditional Vitamin C supplements due to not being dependent on gastrointestinal (GI) functioning to be absorbed.*
  • VITAMIN C BENEFITS THE ENTIRE BODY by being an “electron donor” in your body’s battle against oxidation, helping maintain optimal electron flow at the cellular level, and protecting vital molecular elements such as proteins and lipids.*

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Optimized Liposomal Vitamin C SOFTGELS | Quali®-C Scottish Ascorbic Acid | China-Free | High Absorption Immune System Support & Collagen Booster Supplement |Non-GMO, No Soy, 1000mg/dose (1 Month)

  • GOLD STANDARD LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C FORMULATION – We use the world’s best Vitamin C: “Quali-C”. This is a brand of pure Ascorbic Acid sourced and made in Scotland, prized for its quality and reliability. Our Liposomal Vitamin C formulation combines “Quali-C” with a Non-GMO sunflower Phosphatidylcholine Complex (from lecithin) which traps Vitamin C inside microscopic phospholipid spheres, enhancing absorption and protecting the stomach. These softgels contain no salt, gluten or soy.

  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT & EXPOSURE PROTECTION – Our Quali-C supplements are supportive of the immune system. Avoid having to take sick days off from work by taking these softgels daily as a defense against infections such as the flu and common colds. Our powerful combination of sunflower phospholipids (building blocks of cell membranes) and Vitamin C, creates the best antioxidant supplements that neutralize harmful free radicals caused by stress, pollutants and toxins.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT FOR CELLULAR & MUSCLE REPAIR – Vitamin C is essential to help the body with collagen production, an important protein for skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. It is also needed for healing wounds and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. For Vitamin C to be effective, it needs to be easily absorbed. Regular Vitamin C is only 18% absorbed compared (up to) 90% of our Optimized Liposomal bioavailable Vitamin C.
  • IMPROVES VITALITY, ENERGY & HELPS MANAGE STRESS – After working with thousands of patients requiring nutritional therapy intravenously, Dr. Popa created a complimentary high-absorption softgel Vitamin C Immune System Booster Supplement with I.V. matching ingredients that can be easily absorbed, taken daily and are highly effective. Users benefit from these anti-fatigue antioxidants and often experience better memory, better focus and cognition and true vitality with an overall sense of wellbeing
  • PREMIUM SUPPLEMENTS MADE TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS – Core Med Science immune system support supplements are manufactured in the USA under strict GMP standards, as defined and overseen by the FDA. Our stringent Liposomal encapsulation process is uses no added pressure, heat or solvents to assure the purity and quality that our customers expect. This ensures only the best ingredients can be found in our highest absorption Liposomal Vitamin C softgels for health benefits you can feel

Click for more information or to purchase:

I hope you’ve found this information helpful.  If you have digestive issues such as leaky gut, do your research and then go ahead and try collagen for yourself.  I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

Best to you in your journey to better health!


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