The One Thing You MUST Do if You Want to Succeed

 Whatever your definition of success, it can be yours if you are willing to do one very important thing…


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What I said before in a previous entry, about the fact that you cannot achieve your goals, I meant.  If you made it past the seemingly negative title, No, You will NOT Succeed!, then you understand, and you likely kept reading and maybe even skimmed and tried the simple tool I recommended.  If not, it’s a quick read, so go back and take a look.

Well today, I want to give you an even more powerful transformational tool.  If you really want to do significant things, live the life of your dreams, or make some necessary changes to the life you’re currently living, you must stop being yourself.


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Why the need to change?  Paraphrasing what several famous or semi-famous people have said:

  • If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep gettin’ what you’ve always got
  • Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity

In many ways, we are all like cats chasing laser dots.  No matter what they do, they just can’t nab that flashy fiend.  The problem isn’t in the cat’s tactics, speed, or stealthiness, it’s in the fact that they don’t understand that the dot isn’t the problem.  We humans also run in circles trying to catch the unobtainable, i.e., achieve our goals, break bad habits, change our diets, begin a new fitness plan (and stick to it), etc.  We try and fail, and try again, and grow frustrated with the failures until we concede that either it can’t be done, or we’re just not the person who can do it.  Some beat themselves up for their lack of willpower when the problem is deeper than willpower or motivation or dedication.  The problem is firmly in our minds.


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As you probably know, most of what we say and do, how we act and react, what we feel and desire, is spawned and controlled by the stuff going on behind the scenes deep within our subconscious.  You may want to avoid eating that third cookie, but you just can’t; you want to play nice with others, but you end up cussing them out at the drop of a hat; you try to be more open but your mental and emotional shields go up the instant you feel someone getting too close.  All of this and more, the good and the bad, and the ugly, is the result of our often quiet, but always active, subconscious programming.

If we needed to change how a computer responds to the commands input by the user, then, apart from installing all new hardware, we’d modify the software / operating system.  Same for you.  Want to change your life?  Upgrade your inner operating system.


Enter Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Dr. Dispenza has been studying the brain and the mind for years.  Through research and personal experience, he’s developed a method that helps individuals “unwire” undesirable thoughts, feelings, and actions, and “wire” those that they do desire.  The process involves meditation, but it’s not the new-age navel gazing, brain emptying practice that comes to mind for some when the word meditation is mentioned.  This process involves brain science, psychology, quantum physics, and tapping into the subconscious.

Once one understands the why and the how and begins to put the what into practice, the results can be quite striking.

My Experiences with Breaking the Habit…

In my quest to make my dreams reality, I realized a while ago that the old-me couldn’t do it but a new-me can.  So, I was excited and yet skeptical when I started investigating Dr. Despenza’s works.  I purchased Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself several months ago and though I was initially impatient, I am beginning to see solid results.  I’m working to upgrade several areas of my life, but one that I believe most can identify with is my issue with other drivers: I do not like them.

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Okay, it’s not that I don’t like all of them, it’s just the ones who: never signal, drive too fast or too slow, weave in and out of traffic, talk on cell phones, tailgate, read newspapers, barbecue chicken on their portable hibachis, drift out of their lane, can’t seem to pay attention for more than 1 second, and…well wait, that’s, that is most drivers…

I am not, by any means, a road-rager (says every road-rager), I just don’t appreciate rude, self-centered, inattentive drivers.  No, I don’t rage at them, I cuss and fuss to myself and then feel like crap, physically and emotionally.  But, by using Dr. Dispenza’s program I’m seeing, or rather feeling, positive progress where pretty much every other method of easing the angst has failed.  I’ve begun to unwire the undesirable thoughts, emotions, and reactions in favor of kinder, gentler thoughts, emotions, and reactions.

Of course the positive results did not occur overnight.  I had to put the work in.  But once I really understood the process, the results started to take shape fairly quickly.


True transformation begins in the mind and flows outward from there.  Transformation is not just necessary, it’s vital.  We all know this, and we’ve heard or said, or believe one or more of the following:

  • Change your mind, change your life.
  • “…be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind…” (Romans 12:2)
  • “Free your mind, and the rest will follow.”  (En Vogue)

Are you ready to transform? Are you willing to break the habit of being the old-you so the upgraded-you can, and will, accomplish your goals?  If so, click one of the links above and go ahead and order Dr. Dispenza’s book.  You’ll never be the same, and that’s exactly the point.

Happy transformations!


Also recommended:

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy


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