No, You Will NOT Succeed!

I originally posted this one back in February 2016 on my writer’s blog.  That was just about a year before my massive leap of faith.  Since then, this entry has been on my mind, especially over the past few weeks.  I am battling and pushing to make my dreams reality, and that means letting go of who I was and becoming who I need and want to be.  The transformation is not easy–it’s @#%(&#^ hard; the old doesn’t readily give way to the new and the better.  It’s the fight, this transformation, and it’s a must-do.

If you are involved in a similar battle, you might resonate with the below.  If so, I hope something in it helps you win the fight, and the war.

I’m gonna tell ya some things you already know.  Nothing new, just stuff you’ve heard before.

: As you are today, right this very minute, if your dreams are grand and special enough, you will not accomplish them.  You cannot do it.  The upgraded you can, and will, but the you of today cannot and will not.


Have you ever thought of undertaking a grand adventure, a big goal, your dream, only to hear that sneaky little voice in your head say something to the effect of “I’d like to do XYZ, but…I’m just not that person…”?

Or maybe the dream-negator spoke in a much, much more subtle manner.  You see what you want or would like to be, your heart leaps, but then it sinks back, shrinks back, when you remember all the reasonable reasons you can’t, or shouldn’t, or wouldn’t be able to do such great things.

Truth is, you were right.  And, you were wrong.  You were right–you can’t do it because you are not the person you need to be, yet.  Yet.  You can accomplish your dreams if you are willing to change.  You must become the person who can do it, and who is willing and able to do what is necessary to make it happen.

Key Points

  1. You gotta change.
  2. Start by finding the best, most awesome pic of yourself, one that makes you smile or think “wow…” every time you see it.
  3. Look at that pic every day and say, “That person right there is the type who is A, B, C, D, etc”.  Your A, B, C should be the things you feel you lack, or the thing you feel you need more of in order to accomplish your goals and dreams.
  4. Then say, “This person right here, this person is me.”
  5. Do this every day.  Every day.  Every day until you believe.
  6. Those A, B, C areas in your life that need to change, the knowledge, or skills, or experiences you need to gain if you are to become that person, go after them, get smarter, get stronger, or let #^(@ go and begin to leave the old you behind.
  7. Repeat 3-6, and then keep repeating it, even as you begin to pursue those audacious goals and even as your dreams begin to morph into reality.
  8. When you accomplish those wonderful goals, be sure to stop and take a look back and be thankful not just for what you’ve accomplished, but for who you have become through the journey!



Remember:  Humans are super-adaptable and capable of brilliant, purposeful change.

“The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”  -Charles DuBois

There ya go.   TGIOF.

#ObviousFriday #ThankYouCaptainObvious

There you go.  Now go and become.


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