You Might be a Heartless Cyborg and You Don’t Even Know it…



Heart or head, which do you primarily live from?

We need both, we need balance, but most of us are walkin’ around operating purely on book knowledge and logic.  We’re like robots, heartless cyborgs, living 100% from our head-space, thereby missing out on the many facets of life that only the heart can truly connect us with.  

Yes, there are things we must analyze and understand with the mind, but what is the logical meaning of a child’s smile, the freedom sensed in a summer sunrise, or the grandness felt when viewing the trillions of stars that fill the vastness of the night sky? How do we quantify family laughter, or the emotions raised by a song or a movie, or the joy of a long fought-for dream fulfilled? Sure, each of these can be explained logically, understood scientifically through chemistry, physics, and biology, but only the heart can experience and comprehend the unexplainable depths that reach beyond mere collections of atoms and molecules.


Heart-Head Balance


Balance is key.  Balance, not necessarily 50-50 allocation of resources as most think, but situationally-appropriate balance, meaning, sometimes the heart leads, sometimes the head leads–but BOTH are always actively involved, as needed, from moment to moment.

So, which do you primarily live from? What would it be like to allow your heart to take the front seat, to flame-up and really come alive?

If that thought scares you, it means you should do it.  If that thought excites you, do it.  If that thought bores you, you need to do it.


Risky Freedom

To venture into the heart-space won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  You may not like what you see there at first, but keep going.  You’ll also have to risk being emotional, and feeling awkward and out of place.  And you will be out of place in a society that lacks proper balance.  

The question of how to ignite the heart is next; no one can truly tell you how to do this because the answer is within you.  Finally comes the living from the heart part. It’s not a one-time exercise but a conscious awareness that must be applied daily, hourly even.

Don’t expect it to be easy or instant, because nothing good hardly ever happens as quickly as we’d desire.  But know that when you find the correct balance between your heart and your head, you, your days, your entire life, will transform into a thing spectacular.

May our hearts and lives burn brighter than ever before!


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