How NOT to Eat that Cookie, Part 2



In the previous entry, I shared my primary method for not eating that cookie.  It’s a rather simple mindset hack or mental switch that I’ve used for decades with astounding success.   Now I’d like to share a few other options that may also help you battle cravings and stick with your dietary goals.

Some of these you’ve no doubt heard of or even tried before.  Even so, try one or all, or combine them until you find the mix that works for you.

  • 80-20, or 90-10 Plan

This one is pretty easy: 80-90% of the week, eat healthy.  The remaining 10-20% of the week, enjoy a treat.

  • Go All-in, Cold Turkey

That junk food that you’ve been eating too much of, just stop it.  Jump off that cliff.  Drop that junk, fast and hard.  Stop buying it.  Clear your cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator, or freezer shelves of it, and give every last bit of it away.  Then, don’t look back.  Don’t look back.

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  • Tapering

For most, going “cold turkey” can be physically or emotionally stressful, resulting in an even greater desire to indulge or overindulge.  So, instead of leaping off that edge, ease your way down the cliff.  Over a period of a week or a month, reduce your consumption of those tasty, but not-so-healthful foods.  If you swap in a healthier item, increasing the amount of the better-for-you food as you decrease the other, you’ll hardly miss the questionable food.

  • Quick Switch

Much like going Cold Turkey, the Quick Switch requires abrupt action, but also takes advantage of Tapering.  Start by replacing that daily donut with carrot chips or fruit just once or twice per week.  Keep doing this until you reach your goal.

  • Drink More Water

Sometimes, thirst is mistaken for hunger.  So yeah, fill your water bottle and drink more good, quality water.  Be sure to add electrolytes for even deeper hydration.

  • Accountability Partner(s)

Find a trusted friend or close family member who is walking a similar path to better health, or desires to, and team up.  Hold each other strictly accountable for what you eat on a daily or weekly basis.  This will require complete honesty, transparency, and more than a touch of vulnerability.

  • Bounty Buddy

This final method takes the Accountability Partnership to a different level, so choose your buddy wisely.  It’s easy and can be fun.  You’ll need someone who possesses a good sense of humor but who will, at the same time, hold your feet to fire and call you out if and when you mess up.  You start by making simple a contract such as: “I will pay John Doe $50 if I eat any sweets between now and August 31st.  Signed, XYZ“.   And if you eat the cookie before August 31st, you pay up.  Simple yet effective.

If losing money doesn’t motivate, consider agreeing to something a bit more, uh, creative such as:

-Sporting a mohawk for a week and then shaving your head

-Singing karaoke at a local biker bar.  Sappy love songs are a must

-Cleaning your buddy’s house or walking their dog every day for a month

-Posting daily on social media, telling the world what an extraordinary and amazing, awesome and intelligent your friend you have in your pal

-Chauffeuring your Bounty Buddy around for a month

-Wearing your clothes on backward for a week

-Wearing bright colored 1970s leisure suits for a week


So there you go, more easy to implement ideas that just may help you stay on the healthier diet path.  Again, try one, or try all until you discover what works best for you.

If you have started or completed the Intention Challenge presented in Part 1, please let me know how it’s going or how it went for you by dropping a brief note here: contact.



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