After several months and many, many hours, the Martial – Fitness Minimart is finally open!  I built this site for you, martial artists, fitness enthusiasts, and those who seek to live an overall healthier lifestyle.

As a kid, I loved going to convenience stores and mini-marts.  Though they were usually small shops, they seemed to hold everything I wanted and more, namely junk food!  In particular, I fondly remember family road-trips to Oklahoma and stopping in the town of Big Cabin, Oklahoma.  In a child’s mind, it took forever to get there, but once there it was like Shangri-La; once the secondary things had been taken care of (bathroom breaks and gassing up the car), we’d dive in and refuel ourselves, each of us sorting through the sparkling aisles and items and choosing armfuls of tasty sweets and salty treats–talk about a kid in a candy store…

Well now that I’m an actual adult, I’ve created my own convenience store of sorts, but with a totally different emphasis.  So, what’s in this online mini-mart?  Take a look:

Aisle 1 contains martial arts supplies, equipment, books, uniforms, etc.  In Aisle 2 you’ll find a ton of general fitness training equipment, books, and clothing.  Aisle 3 features a wide range of sports nutrition supplements to help you level-up.  The most extensive aisle, Aisle 4, is filled with so many great healthy alternatives to everyday products that you’ll probably want to camp out there for a while just to see it all.  I created Aisle 5 so that I could share the really cool  items that don’t exactly fit any of the other categories; there you’ll find stylish women’s clothing, and interesting gadgets, among other things.  Finally, I have to be candid with you about Aisle 6, the personal shopping aisle.  At the moment, I’m on the fence with this aisle, knowing that it could be very helpful to some but also wondering if it can work as envisioned.  So for now, Aisle 6 is still under construction, but I’ll let you know if and when it opens.

Be sure to also visit the Specials!  page.  Most of the posted offers will be available for a limited time, so check in often.

In addition to the above, you’ll soon see:

  • 5-min workout plans
  • Guest blogger posts on a variety of topics
  • New products
  • New offers
  • Lots of simple but useful information

My hope is that you find this virtual mini-mart helpful and it becomes your go-to site for the best in healthy alternatives, sports nutrition, fitness, and martial arts supplies.  So, please dive in, look around, and enjoy!  For more information, visit About, or Contact me.

Thanks for stopping in.  Come back soon, come back often!



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